As the holidays draw near, people travel far and wide in search of holiday cheer. There are many places to go and many people to see, but where does one begin? This travel guide is a great place to start. Here you will find festive shenanigans nearest you.

Texas Events

Looking for festive holiday activities near you? Select your Texas location and find out what the locals are doing to celebrate the holidays.


Interested in the most commonly used holiday terms? Check out this infographic of the most commonly tweeted words. (Sample size: 5,000)

Sights and Sounds of Christmas is a local holiday event held in San Marcos, Texas every December. Check out this video about the carnival (which very well may inspire you to go next year!)


About the Project

This project was to use more advanced data concepts to make an interactive presentation. I found an interesting data set on TourTexas.com about holiday events in Texas and used an interactive map to present it on this website. This data set is very timely and I moved it to a more local, personal scale with a video from Sights and Sounds of Christmas, an annual holiday event held in San Marcos, TX. Incorporation of parallax scrolling and anchoring made for a fluid layout.

About the Class

This website was created as a final project in my Coding and Data Skills class conducted by Cindy Royal at Texas State University. The class uses HTML, CSS, Bootstrap and Wordpress as a foundation and then incorporates JavaScript, JQuery, some elements of Python and then uses Excel to filter large datasets.

About Me

My name is Sophia De La Rosa and I am a journalism major, international studies minor at Texas State University. I love coding, reporting, editing, photographing and traveling, and if you like any of those things please check out my website.